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The Invisible man
But we won’t suffer in silence, we won’t suffer in silence (no no)
but we won’t suffer in silence, we won’t suffer in silence (no no)
I think it’s gonna get violent, I think it’s gonna get violent
but we won’t suffer in silence, we won’t suffer in silence (no no)

contrary to what you believe I’m the most dangerous an intravenous injection needle big as a sabertooth, just 8 of us could turn a city into flames and dust, this labours love still watch you suffer like an angel does and you remain silent like a hollow of an empty soul, illustrate my poison your avoidance pays a heavy toll, my thoughts are far beyond the lateral blud it isn’t natural sniff the crimson capsule you can join me when the vision grabs you, I’ve mastered the art of universal balance perception an equilibrium of talents that I have as a weapon an I direct em at anyone in a second the essence of evanescence so see each breath as a blessing stressing when I’m in the mirror observing for something real but nobody knows my true name through pain concealed, in the darkness I’m obsessive with this criminal plan a digital scan cant detect the invisible man,and

in the towers of Valhalla I’m measuring grams of grammar im pouring it into ears and eyes till brains splatter the grey matter insane hacker mma cage rapper the stage smasher stepping through shadows ammo’s untamed chatter drag your to execution you discard respect Cuz my fear is an innocent tear we scar flesh only divine light can pierce through this smoke cloud I’m starved and stressed and man don’t really want to know how dark it gets, the prison for my mind was sealed with golden gates they analysed it and confirmed there was definitely no escape but when they blew the bloody doors off id vanished without a trace, and now I lead a race at an astounding pace ill pound your face to microscopic granules, fighting off the animals these psychotic biopics writing what is flammable, I been filling every page with my rage witness the floating microphone on the stage, the invisible man

deliver the vigour scissor kick a mirror depict a sinner trigger shivers like a killers touch the ripper from the river its the poison liquor in your liver that will be the winner sicker spitters listen with their bitter innards I emit a transdimensional force dream chemical thoughts my retinal pours, haemoglobin he’s the omen weed 4 zoning we were roaming where the trees were golden till the leaves were stolen so before the peace we need atonement while the seeds are growing, nearly silt my wrists I got ignored or didn’t fit ! to the point that I believed that I maybe didn’t exist, but still I couldn’t resist as I pushed myself up the list, felt the fire on my lips and the chi as I clenched my fist now I’m rolling with a clan with the components in my hand unequivocal I’m explicable your typical plan their visuals ran cuz what they did was criminal and unthinkable through life and death I’m an invisible man. and


from The Invisible Man (T​.​I​.​M) - Produced by Micall Parknsun, released January 30, 2017
Written by: Trademark Blud
Produced by: Micall Parknsun
Engineer: L P Tripp



all rights reserved


Trademarkblud England, UK

Award winning rapper featured on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6Music, SBTV and BBC News. He has performed with the likes of Talib Kweli, Smiff N Wessun, Dizzee Rascal, Wretch 32, Akala & the Mouse outfit.
As a battle rapper he has featured on Don’tFlop & Spitroast. 2015 Hip Hop act of the year at the Midlands Independent Music Awards and Song of the year & Live performance of the year on BBC Radio Shropshire
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