The Invisible Man (T​.​I​.​M) - Produced by Micall Parknsun

by Trademark Blud

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brad jackson
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brad jackson Disease ........ such a dope track off a sick album !
Big ups to Trademarkblud & micall parknsun !
also not forgetting Lp tripp & TMB Favorite track: Disease.
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Some don't see, other choose not to, regardless of the reasons why, being invisible doesn't give any indication to your value as a contributor, as an artist or even a human being. Therefore attempts to belittle or destroy us are futile, we are kings with or without your say so.

I dedicate this to not only the people throughout time that excel at what they do regardless of who acknowledges it, but also to the people who overlook, brush under the rug or try to ignore these people because they fear their own position.

We wont suffer in silence.


released January 30, 2017

Written and Performed by - Trademark Blud
Produced by - Micall Parknsun
Mixed and Mastered by - LP Tripp
Cuts on Track 4 - DJ TMB

BIGGUP to everyone that purchases this release and continues to support and enjoy what i do, the WHOLE Beats & Bars Hip Hop events Crew, Spitroast Rap Battles, Titan TV, BBC Radio 1, BBC Shropshire, BBC 6 Music, SBTV, Exponent Entertainment (USA), The Blatantly Blunt show, Melee Recording Group, Pyro Radio, The Murzi Show, Go Big TV, Fresh Midz Clothing, Platformz (USA), Boombap Hip Hop Festival, Global Faction, The Hold Up, Wordlife, FATP UK Hip Hop Show, Itch FM, Real Eyes Records, Bottomless Crates, Break Mission and all the positive forces in my life.



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Trademark Blud England, UK

“We should be supporting Trademark with every chance we get” Tom Robinson BBC6Music.
Award winning Rapper from the West Midlands. Featured on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music and SBTV, as well as appearing on BBC Shropshire, BBC Stoke, BBC WM and BBC Devon. completed a number of UK tours and festivals, noted for his explosive performances supporting acts like Dizzee Rascal, Kool G Rap, KRS ONE and Akala ... more

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Track Name: On The Run
On the run
Run for your life brother run for your life, because you know it’s over when I come for the mic
I bun dis alight every song which I write, no gun stick or knife tong n lung win the fight

I got these fellas on the run son some dumb brothers getting spun come talking bout ya walking round performing like a stun gun RUN RUN coz I embarrass rappers like their dumb mum reaching for the naked baby photos when she’s drunk rum, sum sum brothers acting dodgy when I message them coz when it comes to contact I’m full contact till the fess its dun, LESSON 1 you made a decent tune I made a better one the same beat or stage trade will par u with impressive puns, second to none, split your crown like your lips clown get down, when the sicker sounds in town u hot as cold water the rear is what u sniff around I’m top goal scorer Last year u just a kick around we kick it down and enter uninvited and we spit it BLOW UK’s in the building using slang like SAFE and WICKED yo-these other rappers heading the exact place that their shit is bound Thames water system in the ground go & fish them out.

These circus fleas never hurting me earning the major surgery reconstructing careers after I disfigure them verbally certainly take it personally coz it never occurred to me that the lessons their learning be like the children in nursery EMERGENCY I eat and sleep rap an bleed this internally take me to the infirmary to rewire my circuitry hip hop is my home so a perjury’s like a burglary have I mastered this certainly brother do I look 33 ? LEARN FROM ME u think if u spit multis to the world you’re some kind of king? Try giving a multi to your girl moron your multi mad and sacrifice some real truth for a gimmick, that’s why your albums trash and your lyrics synthetic like acrylic you’ll be livid with just a minute of what I exhibit don’t even need to ask if I can kick it. But if I did they’d say yes you can I step through lands spitting get your wet suit fam u better
Track Name: The Invisible Man
The Invisible man
But we won’t suffer in silence, we won’t suffer in silence (no no)
but we won’t suffer in silence, we won’t suffer in silence (no no)
I think it’s gonna get violent, I think it’s gonna get violent
but we won’t suffer in silence, we won’t suffer in silence (no no)

contrary to what you believe I’m the most dangerous an intravenous injection needle big as a sabertooth, just 8 of us could turn a city into flames and dust, this labours love still watch you suffer like an angel does and you remain silent like a hollow of an empty soul, illustrate my poison your avoidance pays a heavy toll, my thoughts are far beyond the lateral blud it isn’t natural sniff the crimson capsule you can join me when the vision grabs you, I’ve mastered the art of universal balance perception an equilibrium of talents that I have as a weapon an I direct em at anyone in a second the essence of evanescence so see each breath as a blessing stressing when I’m in the mirror observing for something real but nobody knows my true name through pain concealed, in the darkness I’m obsessive with this criminal plan a digital scan cant detect the invisible man,and

in the towers of Valhalla I’m measuring grams of grammar im pouring it into ears and eyes till brains splatter the grey matter insane hacker mma cage rapper the stage smasher stepping through shadows ammo’s untamed chatter drag your to execution you discard respect Cuz my fear is an innocent tear we scar flesh only divine light can pierce through this smoke cloud I’m starved and stressed and man don’t really want to know how dark it gets, the prison for my mind was sealed with golden gates they analysed it and confirmed there was definitely no escape but when they blew the bloody doors off id vanished without a trace, and now I lead a race at an astounding pace ill pound your face to microscopic granules, fighting off the animals these psychotic biopics writing what is flammable, I been filling every page with my rage witness the floating microphone on the stage, the invisible man

deliver the vigour scissor kick a mirror depict a sinner trigger shivers like a killers touch the ripper from the river its the poison liquor in your liver that will be the winner sicker spitters listen with their bitter innards I emit a transdimensional force dream chemical thoughts my retinal pours, haemoglobin he’s the omen weed 4 zoning we were roaming where the trees were golden till the leaves were stolen so before the peace we need atonement while the seeds are growing, nearly silt my wrists I got ignored or didn’t fit ! to the point that I believed that I maybe didn’t exist, but still I couldn’t resist as I pushed myself up the list, felt the fire on my lips and the chi as I clenched my fist now I’m rolling with a clan with the components in my hand unequivocal I’m explicable your typical plan their visuals ran cuz what they did was criminal and unthinkable through life and death I’m an invisible man. and
Track Name: British Gas
90 % of rappers are catheters and the full of shit, going on like there the ambassador on the mother ship, suck a dick pointing gun fingers thinking u looking sick u spit your baby bars jump off stage and suckle your mother’s tit
your last tune was something like “ yo fam I’m trapping “ I was in the room like “ no fam u rapping, and not very well either, ill treat u creatures like a pair of tweezers squeeze your till your head pops out your Shittest feature
wasting bars just to tell you how shit you are this could have been a great song about tits in bras. i spit it hard dissin stars while u sit in cars giving it the biggun to your mrs and your little spar,
how many times u spit the same shit and no1 listen cuz basically bruv no1 care how long u bin in prison. Like it deserves a fucking reward, or a headline show no because you're a fraud, I will drop the nut on you so u lunge to the floor then brass knuckle your face with your son at the door
fam u do not want to battle you will get tackled to the gravel I will pick u up and dash u like a little babies rattle it is
Let me tell you something you are not gutter cock sucker chop upper lot rougher spot runners on my day off shut your shop fucker drop numbers make November feel like it’s a hot summer drop pucker stock for your block brothers knock brothers out,
Take the heat making beef and clear a space to eat chase your peeps break your face and teeth with no pain relief, lay the speech say my piece on earth quaking beats that shake the streets like a violent protest against the bait police, I pray for peace n play for keeps and hate the snakes beneath, we face defeat that makes us learn from our mistakes at least, wont take the keys we kick the door off then we take a leaf, outta your book I was a crook before this great belief, my mates r g’s they blaze the weed and all have faith in me, oh you run the game well it aint looking like a game to me, I’ll take your p then take the p and leave you saying jheeze, you bin spitting gas now its time to put the flame to these.
Track Name: Unlucky
Cookie was a brummy didn’t have a lot of money so hes sad a lot and worries in the pad like nothings sunny, hes always thinking like his dad he got unlucky and the only thing that’s close to this lads his cotton undies, and yes hes been through some unfortunate events but in defence who hasn’t no ones sitting on the fence, but with his common sense he got up to tell his friends, that his bad luck was by far the most immense now, cookie made a choice to find out why, got a bus to town to go and check this wise mouth guy, known as the oracle wore his eyebrows high so he always looked surprised but brother i doubt I think he ever was cookie said
“ Yo u so clever boss, tell me why im so unlucky and some have never lost”
The oracle spoke
“ walk to the west and check ya watch, you need the lord oh yes you need to head for god”

Cookie walked till he reached Wolverhampton as the snow falled bumped into some wolves a little one gave a “YO “ call
“ I heard your gonna visit got to find out why ya flows stalled, when u get there can u ask him why on earth im so small”
He kept it moving got to telford where he saw a tree and though nothing till it started talking to him awkwardly
“yo fam if u link god just ask him formally, why im not tall even tho he sends rain to water me “
And next cookie came to a house with a pretty woman sitting on a couch, she asked him to ask god why shes so lonely and fed him 4 he headed back out
“thank you”
Cookie walked past the shops and schools into a very dark manor with some dogs and ghouls, when a giant beam of light shone across a pool and a voice bellowed out
“yo its god u fool”

Now god being god already knew the story psychic
“cookie you can get the luck if u just search to find it”
He gave him information on the wolf, tree and nice chick and sent him on his way
“ life’s a story, go a write it”
Cookie saw the woman and informed her that
“you shouldn’t feel lonely you just needs to find a husband I would defo do it but I’m going luck hunting and so I’ll send my cousin ya beautiful he’ll be buzzin, 4real”
Next he saw the tree again across the road
“ god said that under you is a box of gold., its cutting off ya roots and that stops the growth, I can’t help I’m looking for my luck I’ve got to go”
Last but not least the wolf was number 3, and cookie told him
“ god told me the deal fam trust me, ya so small because ya stomachs proper hungry, eat the next stupid animal that you cubs see.